policy overview

Huntwood takes its working conditions very seriously and is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment. We embrace and recognize the value in a diverse population and aspire to reward each person for their contribution, talents and commitment towards a long term partnership.

We have always been and will continue to be an "OPEN DOOR"organization that will always make time to hear or read any employees comments or concerns. Employees are our most important asset and we continue to learn and grow as a result of making all levels of management available for communication.

We are driven to provide a "DRUG FREE" work environment and take that task seriously. Here at Huntwood we drug test at pre-employment, post accident, for cause, reasonable suspension and random for prominent and obscure drugs. We are committed to enforcing a drug free work place and will insure that all co-workers can expect to be surrounded by clear eyed, clear thinking employees not in an altered state.

We are an "AT WILL" employer which states that if for any reason without notice or reason without following any established disciplinary or termination protocol may terminate and dissolve the employee / employer relationship.