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Huntwood History

Since 1988 Huntwood has grown:

  • From an initial 11 employees to currently over 400

  • From manufacturing a limited variety of non-custom cabinetry to beautiful, high quality custom cabinetry for the entire home

  • From occupying 40,000 square feet in an industrial park to our own 80 acre property with a state-of-the-art facility of over 567,000 square feet

  • From a manufacturing capacity of approximately 50 cabinets to hundreds per day.

  • From a small community cabinet maker to the largest custom cabinet maker in the West – and ranked in the top 25 largest cabinetmakers in the United States

Product Features

Some of the features of Huntwood cabinets:

  • A product that is built specifically and uniquely for each customer

  • Wide selection of styles, colors, and wood species

  • An incredible array of available options and modifications to meet the customers practical and aesthetic needs

  • Ability to customize the cabinet size to meet customer needs

  • Standard features found as options with many other manufacturers

  • Short lead times between order and delivery. All this in a cabinet that is being noted in the industry for quality and performance

Ethnic Diversity

In our quest to hire the best people we can find, we enjoy a diverse workforce with representation from many countries and cultures including Germany, Native American, Vietnam, Sudan, the South Pacific Islands, Liberia, several countries of Eastern Europe, Bosnia, Hispanic, among others. A walk through our facility is a "window on the world".


Huntwood employs people with a wide variety of skills and expertise. The majority of our workforce is involved in some aspect of manufacturing, including:

  • Machine operators, including computer controlled

  • Warehousing

  • Sprayers, stainers, and other skilled positions involving coating application

  • Maintenance

  • Assembly

  • Cabinetmakers

  • Quality Control

  • Shipping, including the management of our own fleet

In addition, we staff a strong sales force which includes:

  • In-house sales staff

  • Independent sales reps

  • Dealerships

Finally, we employ a strong administration encompassing many roles including:

  • Purchasing

  • Accounting

  • Finance/Credit

  • Information Technology

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing/Product Development

  • Customer Service